Man Pleasing Chicken???



Hi again everyone! This is a recipe that I decided to try out when I was expecting a table full, new recipes on guests, never a great idea!  With a name like “Man pleasing Chicken” what could go wrong though right????  Oh lordy,  I was a bit worried about this recipe from the get go since it combined maple syrup and mustard, but I read the blog entry on this and figured it must be AMAZING..  I was so very very very wrong, and I doubt that any of my guests that night will return for my cooking again.  This recipe was very simple and economical to make which is important for us homemakers on a budget, but I still want something yummy after spending an hour on dinner.

Anyhow, this recipe I would have to rate a total failure,  I will post a link just in case there are those of you that want to give it a try, let me know if you disagree with us, could just be different tastes please different men 🙂


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