Candles are my passion.  From the time I was a little girl I couldn’t make it down a candle isle in any store without spending at least half an hour with my nose in different jars.  I have always love the soft light ambiance that can only be created by a candle and the scents that are able to move you to different spaces and places in time.

Last year I thought it would be a brilliant idea to make candles as Christmas gifts to give out to family and friends,  I hate to buy gifts and always believe they are more meaningful if I put my time and energy into a gift rather than my wallet.  I had never made candles before and I fell in love.  The process of melting, finding the perfect shade and scent to match the personalities of the recipient was cathartic and I knew I couldn’t stop.

I have given candles to basically everyone I know, until one day the other half cut me off, because lets face it candle supplies are not cheap.  I was given the ultimatum of selling them if I wanted to continue to make them,  there in lies my issue,  I couldn’t sell a fire extinguisher to a man if he was on fire.  I simply don’t have the brain for numbers and would much rather just give away my treasures for others to enjoy as much as I do.  However, thankfully word did circulate on its own about my Christmas candles and I was contacted by a lady locally who runs an antique shop who would like to sell my candles in her store, YAY!

I am in the process currently of opening an Etsy store and hope that will do well also, because if they sell I get to make more.  I will eventually post a link to my Etsy store on here and I hope everyone will help me spread the word.

I guess I just woke up with candles on the brain this morning, and this post is what happens when I have candles on the brain, so everyone please send happy thoughts and good energy my way so hopefully I will be able to get this business going.



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